Types of preschools

Types of preschools in the communities of Livingston, Maplewood, Millburn, Short Hills, South Orange, and West Orange, NJ

There are several types of preschools in these communities, and while there may be more than one meeting your needs and ideals, knowing what these types are can help to narrow your choices.

  • Religious-based
  • Montessori-influenced
  • Preschool-ages only (2 ½ to 5 years old)
  • Early childhood ages (6 weeks to 5 years old)
  • Cooperative (parental involvement)
  • Inclusion
  • Special Populations only

Feeling informed and confident about educational philosophy is often the most difficult consideration parents face when thinking about preschool options.  Obviously, as parents, we want our children to be happy in their environment.  But how do we picture our children spending their days?  What are they doing and how are they learning?  If, for example, it is especially important that your child is exposed to the principles of Judaism or Catholicism, there are many options in all of these communities.  In order to have several enrichment opportunities, such as learning another language and/or participating in a variety of sports, then it would be best to look for preschools containing those offerings.  While all preschools open their doors to families of all different make-ups, belief systems, and abilities, it is important to consider the ways in which you would like your child to learn and grow.