“Nicole provided expert guidance on how to navigate what would have been an overwhelming number of childcare options without her. Nicole was extremely responsive and on point. I really appreciated her confidence about her expertise. It was clear to me that she listened closely to our feedback and needs. Her recommendations were spot on…the greatest value for me came in the time I didn’t have to spend thinking about the search because of the expertise that Nicole brought to her recommendations.”

Client, April 2014


“Nicole helped me quickly access childcare with availability at a tricky time of year that aligned with my pedagogical and geographic preferences. She was warm, professional and thorough. The context of her also being a parent lent itself well to how she relates to what client’s need without imposing personal preferences or biases regarding our options.”

-Client, December 2014

“Because of Nicole, I found an amazing childcare facility for my daughter that I wouldn’t have located on my own. Being new to the area / state, I was focused only on the town I resided in. She found an option the next town over and the same driving distance that had facilities and programs that were miles beyond other places I had seen and we are so excited for this big move.”

-Client, July 2015