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Week 2 of Preschool Tours

My first week of preschool tours was an incredible peek into the world of childcare options and the variety amongst them.  I’m so very thankful to the Directors who gave me their time and showed genuine interest in my passion for helping families in this search.  I saw many happy faces during my visits and learned a lot about how differently a facility can be managed, and yet still provide a safe and loving environment for the children in their care.  My second week has been wonderful as well, and as I add appointments to my schedule, I look forward to increasing my database in order to serve the unique needs of the families I will serve.

When I leave a facility and begin the drive to the next preschool/daycare, I have had a couple of thoughts to reflect on.  I’m not sure I know the answer to them just yet, but they have been rolling around in my brain and I would love to have feedback regarding the issue of giving tuition information on a program’s website.  There seem to be two ways of thinking about it and I understand both.  The explanation for NOT posting it for the public to view, is that some programs feel  the tuition costs might turn a visitor away (whether the cost is high or low) before getting to know their program further.  They don’t want to lose a potential family simply based on the expense of the program when there may be positive areas that are a valuable asset.  The explanation for posting tuition costs on the website and marketing materials, is using the “nothing to hide” approach.  While some visitors may end their exploration of a facility simply based on price point, at least they will not waste their time on a program that is either too expensive, or not valued highly enough.  Unfortunately, this tactic may be causing some families to lose out on a school that would have been the perfect fit for their child.

I’m not sure yet, where I fall on this.  As a consultant, I find it more convenient to have the tuition fees advertised for the families I make recommendations to.  While I have this information in my database and can share it with my clients, convenience is something I strive for.  As a parent, my child deserves to have every possibility explored before deciding it won’t work merely based on the price.

Interested in hearing your thoughts on this issue!