Working in tandem with realtors

The Fair Housing Act provides some very gray lines when it comes to educational information and realtors. Technically they cannot give any opinions about school districts, particular schools, or early childhood programs that can directly influence a sale or purchase. This doesn’t prevent a realtor from sharing their own personal experiences, or options they have awareness of; but they are really not allowed to give comments (positive or negative) that could sway a client to put their house on the market, or only look to buy in certain areas based on these comments.

There are a few realtors in the area who pass on my information to families with small children when they feel my service could be ideal in helping with their needs. I am still surprised, however, how often new clients find me via internet searches, rather than directly thru their realtors. It makes me wonder how many realtors are aware of their limitations when it comes to this area, as one of the draws of my community is the plethora of excellent early childhood programs and day cares. I’m always happy when realtors reach out to me to write an article for their websites or an addendum to a blog post. They want to show prospective clients that they are prepared with many resources to aid them in whatever task lays ahead within the all-consuming act of moving.

Here is an interview I did for Allison Ziefert Realty Group of MidTown Direct Realty in Maplewood, NJ.