I Can Help

Looking for the ideal preschool or daycare for your child?  I Can Help.

The task of arranging childcare accommodations can be time consuming and overwhelming, especially when a family has yet to move into their new home.  Using each family’s income, work/commute schedule, and educational philosophy as a guide, I customize my recommendations according to a family’s specific need. We accomplish this through an initial survey from my website, and follow up with phone chats and/or personal meetings to become acquainted.  My goal is to make the process easy and convenient, offering the desired amount of personal support to build our consulting relationship.  Each family’s need is unique and different children will thrive in different early childhood environments. While one family may consist of two working parents who need care for the full day, another family may want a half-day program, supplemented with individual childcare at home. Some children will thrive with a play-based curriculum, while other children may need a more structured approach. My knowledge of the options in the area and database enables me to set up connections between facilities and parents, schedule tours, and provide registration information. I strive to spare families the headache of finding the time and availability to do their own research. My expertise is in finding the ideal preschool or daycare for each child.

Under contract for a home in the area with an uncertain timeline for closing?  Just moved in and need childcare immediately?  Already a member of the community and need help sorting through the options?  I can help.

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